Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Snow

I love weather.

I particularly love cloudy, wet, cold weather. The smell, the feel. Today after many weeks without any moisture and plenty of wind (which is typical for this time of year here), we were treated to rain in the valleys and lower elevations, and snow above about 7,500 ft. In the photograph above, you see the Jemez Mountains above Los Alamos this evening, with the sun setting behind them. The line of snow is indeed about at the 7,500 ft level as the National Weather Service predicted yesterday. I recorded over 0.5 inches of rain at my house for this storm, which is where this photograph was taken (standing on the deck off of the bedroom looking north east, so this is literally a photograph taken in my backyard, not just near my home).

A little earlier in the evening, I took the following photographs from Overlook Park in White Rock looking at the Sangre de Cristo (Spanish for Blood of Christ) Mountains to the east. In the first one you can see some of the runs of the Santa Fe Ski Basin.

These sort of views and this kind of weather is one of the reasons I love this area. Next week it is projected to climb into the mid-80's F. Back to hot, dry, and windy broken by bits of weather like we had today. In about a month it will be the monsoon season. I look forward to the roaring thunderstorms we often get during that part of the year. The background photograph at the top of my blog was taken June 2007 from Overlook Park.

I love weather.