Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smoke on the Horizon

As everyone in this area can now see, there is a small wildfire burning within the Bandelier National Monument border. The above picture was taken this evening from the Frijoles overlook. Bandelier has posted information on this fire and will keep it up to date. The short story is that this is a lightning caused fire that is being managed as a controlled burn.

I thought I smelled smoke Thursday night and saw a light smoke plume from my house on Friday. Turns out the fire started Thursday sometime. We had a bunch of rain here which did not completely put it out, as became more obvious today with a much larger plume of smoke visible to all.

The fire is burning near the San Miguel ruins. The map below shows where those are in relation to other landmarks in the area (look toward the bottom of the image). It is somewhere between 3-4 miles from Alamo Canyon for those that know where that is.

For those interested, follow the links above to keep up with the latest. It is something like 13 miles from the Los Alamos townsite, about 8 miles from the White Rock townsite, and has eyes on. The ranger I talked with said they were happy where lightning stuck, because the area it is burning needs it.

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