Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pretty Wild Things

Wildflowers and other blooming plants are at their peak it seems right now, at least in my backyard. I spied at least 11 different varieties of wildflowers, pictured below.


"The Fuzzy Hat"

"Bunny Ears"

A couple of cacti in bloom...

The little barrel cactus was tiny, only about 2 inches in diameter at the base.

New growth on one of the only living pine trees left in my yard (I swear it grows an inch a day)...

Even the peonies that grow next to my house are getting into the act.

Despite this being our hot and dry time of the summer, waiting for the monsoon season to start in about a month, many pretty flowers find a way to shine.

I often take photographs of the small, particularly wildflowers. For more wildflower photography, see my Yellowstone National Park Wildflowers gallery, Grand Teton National Park Wildflowers gallery, North Cascades National Park gallery, and Olympic Penisula gallery.

Of course all of the photographs above were taking today of things growing in my backyard.

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